Methodology and Basics of Inbound Marketing Implementation [video]


Why we created Inbound Marketing Implementation video

My primary task was to create a brief video describing the basics of Inbound Marketing Implementation.
My team at OSD Group love telling people how to make their marketing better. Yes we’re a consulting firm, but that’s not the our only reason: we do beleive that when market players (client or agency) are more educated, all parties win.

That’s why I was so excited to join Ukrainian Advertising Coalition’s public initiative — the Advertising and Marketing Video Institute.

The video may not answer all of your questions, and if this is the case, please ask your questions in the comments section, and I’ll gladly answer them.


Some backstage

Artem Sukhoroslov - Inbound Marketing Implementation Video Backstage 002


Funny facts

  1. Original version of the YouTube cover photo looks like this
    (it was taken during one of my short speeches on “how you can create the very first website for you”).

    Artem Sukhoroslov inbound marketing implementation original cover photo

    YouTube cover original photo

  2. We tried to shoot a final scene with me walking and saying my last phrase, but this turned out to be impossible because of the camera lens. It had no auto-focus features, and if I moved too slow or too fast, the scene became blurry.
  3. Street scenes were shot in a hurry and sometimes I just couldn’t remember what to say.
    My friends printed large cheat sheets for me. I read my lines from these sheets while recording.

The video is in Russian, but I’m working on English subtitles, and I’ll update this post with a full transcript soon.

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