4 things I’m gonna do in 2016

Well, holiday parties are (mostly) over, and it’s time to fall into such a fancy thing as “new year resolutions”.

But I’m not gonna do it in a monotonous semi-official way. It’s not a kind of todo list for me, you know? I just wanna outline a list of things I’ve never done before. And then (probably, at the beginning of 2017) check out how many of them succeeded.

And one more thing: I’m gonna update this list each time a new idea pops up in my head (so, numbers in the title can change). But I’ll filter these ideas and only strongest and most contagious will get here.

1. Hire some interns — ✓ DONE (Jun.)

I know lots of people who can tell remarkable stories and make cool things online. But most of them got stuck on “I don’t have a project to train and level up my skills” or “I don’t have a task wich would let me master these skills” excuses.

That’s why my point is to offer them a deal like this:

  1. I train you as a blog editor + content curator + social media marketer + e-mail marketer + web analyst = inbound marketer
  2. You pay me with your time helping me make my project(s) grow

Here’s a detailed Internship Program description.

2. Ride motorcycle across the East or West coast of the US

Last year we planned various riding scenarios with my fellas. But plans didn’t become reality.

This year it should become real (especially if I’ll move to the US).

3. Learn how to code something simple for frontend and mobile

I feel that frontend development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) plus mobile (Swift or something) will grow even more. So, it could be helpful for me to be familiar with stuff like that.

UPDATE (Jun.):
I’ve decided to begin with professional studying of Project Management and obtaining PMP Certificate.

4. Make a business with US companies

My visit to New York in September through October 2015 was all about better understanding the best way for scaling our current consulting, software products design and development business.

The “raid” was pretty successful. So, we start thinking about investing in the new team to provide design and software development services for American clients.

I need to solve legal and business development issues to continue work in New York.